Satic EMI Line Monitor Dirty Electricity Meter for North America  



The Satic EMI Line Monitor measures electromagnetic interference that is commonly referred to as "dirty electricity" on AC power lines.

Once plugged in, the monitor immediately displays total line interference, also referred to as line noise, rated in millivolts as measured from peak-to-peak, ranging from 0-2999mV.

The unit records peak mV while also displaying real-time mV numbers. The LCD display adds a second visual indicator in the form of a visual swoosh-shaped line diagram indicating peak interference before and after filtering as well as displaying voltage.

A speaker adds an audio indication proportionate to the real-time line interference.

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The Satic Power Perfect meter is made from the finest components available and assemble to the highest six sigma standards of quality in the United States.

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Just plug it in and you're ready to go!

Works With All AC Appliances

The Power Perfect works with all AC appliances including grounding products, computers, phone chargers –– everything.

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Satic EMI Line Monitor Dirty Electricity Meter for North America
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