TRU47 Natural Silver Modal Short Poncho  


Dress up any outfit, or go casual in this half-length, stylish Natural Silver Jersey Poncho. Both fashionable and functional, and technically engineered, our Poncho is made of a single layer of soft, lightweight, and flowy Jersey Modal with 99.99% ionically plated pure silver thread will shield you from EMFs and 5G radiation while is proliferating everywhere and it is also UV protective and reduces oxidative stress. Silver, in addition, is thermal conductive which regulates temperature, and is anti-microbial. When woven into our textiles is also durable and easy to care for. For all these reasons, in addition to simply looking great, this Natural Silver Jersey Modal Poncho is a must have accessory.

Made in USA

Measurements: 59" Wide x 21" Long

Ships from TRU47 in the US
Ships to: USA and Canada

TRU47 Natural Silver Modal Short Poncho
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