TRU47 Black Silver Cotton Double Knit Beanie  


TRU47’s new Wellness Wear Collection features our Black Silver Cotton Double Knit Beanie. This unisex beanie is made from a 42% silver and 53% cotton double knit fabric blend, woven with 99.99% ionically plated pure silver thread. Top off any outfit. Silver boasts superior thermal conductivity, has antimicrobial benefits, and shields against EMFs/RFs. It’s perfect everyday wear and protection.

Made in USA

Key Wellness Benefits of Silver:

  • Antimicrobial & Inhibits the Growth of Germs
  • Eliminates the Growth of Odor Causing Bacteria
  • Shields and Blocks Radiation from EMFs & RFs
  • Supports Healthier Skin and Mitigates Acne
  • Promotes Better Blood Circulation
  • Thermal Conductive & Temperature Regulating

CARE IS EASY: Simply hand wash or machine wash in warm water on a gentle cycle with mild soap – no bleach. Air dry. No heat, and do not iron. Do Not Dry Clean. Germs and bacteria cannot live on silver, therefore less laundering is required.

Ships from TRU47 in the US
Ships to: USA and Canada

TRU47 Black Silver Cotton Double Knit Beanie
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