SLT Safe & Sound Body Voltage Home Test Kit  



Measures AC Voltage Present on The Human Body

Measures AC voltage present on the human body from live electrical wiring in your ceiling, walls and floors. Know for sure what AC voltage is on your body.

AC Electric Fields from live electrical wires are attracted to the human body. This test kit will indicate the level of AC voltage on the body from the surroundings. Determining exposure levels will complement measurements of an AC Electric Field Meter.

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  • Measures the amount of AC voltage attached to the human body from the following:
  • Typically used in sleeping areas to determine what circuit breakers require a demand switch
  • For precise body voltage measurements in milliVolts
  • Complies with Bau-Biologie measurement standards
  • Detailed Body Voltage measuring instructions included
  • Complete with basic body voltage meter, hand probe, ground cable, and other accessories
  • 1 Year Manufacturers warranty
  • Compatible with Building Biology Measurement Guidelines.


  • Deluxe Plastic Carrying Case CC2
  • Body Voltage Meter
  • Body Voltage Measuring Instructions
  • Test Lead 18 inches / 46 cm - Red - For Hand Probe (4mm banana)
  • Test Lead 20' / 6.1 Meters - Black - For Grounding (4mm banana)
  • Hand Probe - 4 inches - Polished Solid Aluminum
  • Ground Plug - For grounding to a 120 VAC electrical outlet
  • Ground Clip - Alligator Clip to assist with Grounding (4mm banana)
  • 4 x AAA Alkaline Batteries Included
  • Outlet Tester
  • Ground Peg - 7.87 inch / 20cm


Ships from: Safe Living Technologies

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