SafeSleeve Universal Cell Phone Case  


Anti-Radiation and RFID blocking Wallet Case for Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Nexus and more.

So much more than just a phone case. SafeSleeve Universal Cell Phone Case contains FCC accredited lab tested shielding technology that can block up to 99% of Radio Frequencies (5G, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc.) and up to 92% of ELF (battery, AC power, etc.) cell phone radiation from your phone. It also includes a built-in RFID blocking wallet and turns into a stand, all in one lightweight and convenient case.


Anti-Radiation -- Our FCC accredited lab tested radiation shielding material is integrated into the front flap of the outer case to deflect radiation away from your body while still allowing signal to enter and exit the back of the phone.

RFID Blocking Wallet -- Did you know thieves can use an $8 device to scan the information from your RFID enabled credit and ID cards right from out of your wallet or purse? Our built-in card slots hold up to 4 cards and block RFID theft! 

Protective Cases -- Impact resistant, durable materials used for the inner and outer case provide twice the protection against cracks, dings and scratches to keep your phone looking new.

Universal Fit -- Adhesive sliding pad keeps your phone in place. When you receive your case, simply remove the film covering the adhesive, position and place your device. Use your thumb to slide up and down to reveal and hide your rear camera. Phone can easily be removed and replaced as needed.


When using SafeSleeve for Cell Phone - Universal, your phone is applied into the sleeve with a reusable adhesive pad. Click here to learn about the installation process.

How to Use
How to use SafeSleeve
  • Simply close the radiation shielding front flap to take a phone call and speak as you normally would. The microphone and ear speaker are uncovered to allow for no sound or signal quality reduction.
  • When storing in your pocket, face the front flap towards your body to deflect the radiation away.
  • The flap can be folded behind the phone to shield the back of the device while in use. The front of the device is typically at a "safe" distance from the body. 
  • To take pictures and access the rear fingerprint sensor for some devices, simply slide your phone up with your thumb.


    Two sizes fit most cell phones.

      • Small: Fits up to 5.7" x 3.0" x 0.5"
      • Large: Fits up to 6.2" x 3.1" x 0.5"

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    NOTE: For orders outside the US, customs fees may apply upon receipt of your order

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    How to Use the SafeSleeve Universal Case
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