TRU47 Cotton Grounding Socks - No Show  


Made in The USA with 99.99% pure silver thread woven into a soft and stretchy Combed Cotton and cushioned for extra comfort. Silver is self sanitizing and kills bacteria which causes foot odor.

It also has the highest thermal conductivity of all metals which helps regulate temperature, keeping feet comfortable in both cooler and warmer weather. Silver is also EMF shielding against 5G and Wi-fi radiation waves and UV protecting.The biggest benefit of all is that pure silver is also “Grounding”. This supports a healthier state of overall well-being, year-round when walking on any earth’s surface; this includes grass, sand, soil, unsealed tile/brick, yes – concrete, and grounding footwear.

Made in USA

Ships from TRU47 in the US
Ships to: USA and Canada

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