SYB H.A.R.D. - Headset Anti-Radiation Device  


Turn ANY 3.5mm or USB-C Headset into an Anti Radiation Headset– WITHOUT Sacrificing Sound Quality.

  • 5G Tested, up to 20 GHz. Also works on 4G/LTE, 3G, & WiFi.
  • Absorbs cell phone microwave radiation.
  • Unlike air tube technology with inferior audio quality, H.A.R.D. (Headset Anti Radiation Device) actually improves your sound quality by filtering interference.
  • Compatible with any device and headset with a standard 3.5mm or USB-C audio jack.
    • This includes almost every phone, tablet, laptop, portable gaming system – except iPhone (which uses a Lightning port).
  • All your headset controls will still work.
  • Lightweight and portable. No batteries required.

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Meet the H.A.R.D.

Unbeatable Audio Quality

You no longer have to sacrifice audio quality to protect yourself from cell phone radiation with Air Tube headsets. The SYB H.A.R.D. works with your favorite headphones or headset. In fact, by eliminating the EMF interference, the HARD actually improves your audio quality.

Easy to Use

The SYB Headset Anti Radiation Device couldn’t be easier to use.

Just plug it into your phone, laptop or tablet, and then plug your headphones or headset into the H.A.R.D. That’s it! Now you’re protected as you talk and listen on your device!

Smart Design

All the controls on your headset (like volume and call answering) will still work.

It just protects you and your brain from EMF radiation. That’s it.

Use it Anywhere

It’s small and lightweight. It’s perfect for use while working, lounging around, or when you’re on the go. Walking, traveling or exercising, everyone needs protection from mobile radiation.

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SYB H.A.R.D. - Headset Anti-Radiation Device
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